Announces a New Blog announces a new feature that we have recently added to our web site. Its name is BracebBeagling.  It will be an inter active site with stories, pictures and much more. You can add a comment either to an existing story or ongoing discussion in what is known as a threaded discussion. For instance, someone may add comment regarding a story that has been recently published.  If you wish you may comment on that person’s comment and he in turn can respond to the comment you have made concerning his comment. The word blog means web log.  I think you will find it a great new added feature especially with all the controversy that is now going on with traditional brace beagling. Please check our new blog frequently and do feel free to add your comments. Blogging is all ago now in the world of information technology.  Give it a try. I assure you that we will generate some lively discussions concerning the great world of brace beagling.   Please comment on our new site!


58 Responses to “ Announces a New Blog”

  1. Paul Sizemore Says:

    Hopefully our Brace Beaglers will take advantage of this opportunity to express our opinions, etc!

  2. larrywlee Says:

    Thanks for your positive comment Paul. We do hope that brace beaglers will use the blog often to express their sentiments concerning matters related to beagling. We plan on posting additional items to our new blog and hope that everyone will participate by adding their comments.

  3. Russ Arend Says:

    I think the blog is great and will create a lot of interest. Another bit of that AKC Advanced Judges Seminars are now being scheduled at the MID-DIXIE and theMIDWESTERN FEDERATIONS . DETAILS WILL BE COMING SOON

  4. larrywlee Says:

    Thanks for the comment Russ and for supplying the information on the Advanced Judges Seminars that are being scheduled for the Midwestern and Mid-Dixie. I am dying to hear what the format for the discussions will be. Hopefully there will be an agenda published before the seminars start so everyone will have advanced knowledge about the issues that will be discussed.

  5. Russ Arend Says:

    I hope there will be an agenda so everyoe will be prepared, however attendees should be able to bring up additional issues. One issue that I feel needs discussion is”pottering” or failing to make progress. As our dogs have become more deliberate trackers, some have taken this to an extreme not being able to track forward. When these dogs draw the front they disrupt a run. Different judges handle this in different ways. It would make for a good discussion by active brace judges.

  6. Bruce Lee Says:

    Great Larry. We are proud of your website and the new addition to it. Your membership should also be proud to have such a website for their sport.

  7. Ralph Gillum Says:


    This blog is a great idea! I am not sure I did everything correctly to post this but if it appears, anyone can do it!

  8. Doug Lesight Says:

    This blog is perfect for the sport of Brace Beagling. It took years of bickering through H & H to finally get judges to look at the front hound! With this tool we can fix some of the flaws of our sport like “pottering” in a shorter period of time. Although not all prominent Brace Beaglers are PC literate, the word will still spread quickly. This will promote more discussion that may eventually bring these flaws to the surface.

  9. larrywlee Says:

    Thanks Bruce, Ralph and Doug for posting comments today. Yes, Doug this Blog can be a mechanism for the exchange of ideas concerning different aspects of the sport of brace beagling. I believe we can generate worthy discussions concerning pottering, front dog versus back dog, and many other subjects. We can all learn by considering other’s ideas. Whether we can solve those problems will remain to be seen. Look soon for an opening statement in another article concerning judges that only consider the front or back dog when making judging decisions. Please feel free to add your comments to this or any other article. Blog on brother!

  10. PHIL BYRNE Says:


  11. Cy Fritz Says:

    This a great idea and long overdue in Brace Beagling. This is something the gundog people had for many years. I remember anumber of years ago when board during a snow storm Googling beagles and reading the Reader Forums before they were called blogs. They covered a lot of topics about training, kennels, etc. Thanks for all you do for us. Congratulations to Uno for winning the Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel.
    Cy Fritz

  12. Russ Arend Says:


  13. steve caldwell Says:


  14. steve caldwell Says:

    Hi Larry I finally figured this out.As you know we at Brace Beagle News use your web site for a lot of our magazines information and we thank you for having such an outstanding service to the brace beagle.

    I will be at the Southern again this year and will be attending the new judging seminar.I was wondering if someone out there might have what the agenda for this meeting will be as it would be great if we could go into it prepared on what to ask or talk about.I would like to see them discuss measurement,(we all know that it is abused by many).What is to much speed ,not enough speed. You hear alot of judges say that it’s not my type of dog so I won’t use it.Twenty foot runs,(how long should they be?).How bad is dog tracking?Do you cut a dog for barking on one or two tracks or is it a cardinal sin and don’t use them no matter what.How do we stop judging the lead and not the dog.And what is the AKC really looking for and why? It use to be that you had to be picked up running but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.This is only some of the things that I can come up with and hope some one else can come up with more.

    Thanks again

  15. steve caldwell Says:

    I have to agree with Russ on pottering that is a word we don’t here much any more.I think this is where common sense comes in to play.I once asked a judge what is a dog in the back supposed to do if the dog in front barks 12 times in one track his reply was the dog in back had better bark 13 times.This has ruined many dogs just becuase there was no common sense used

  16. Lonnie Price Says:

    A simple solution for the front dog back issue. Place the first dog in the brace down and release the 2nd dog right behind him. Let them run a specified time like 5 minutes and switch the dogs for the next 5 min. Video the runs to review if needed. Judge the dogs how they run the front and back. Please let the dogs in the area the rabbit is seen, not where the handler thinks his dog will run best.

  17. Doug Lesight Says:

    Just to make it clear from my perspective, I believe that judging the front vs the back is no longer an issue. It has been my experience that most judges now consider both hounds in the run. I was simply stating an example, earlier in this blog, that there was a lot of discussion in H & H years ago when there seemed to be more focus on the rear hound.

  18. Lonnie Price Says:

    Why not require that each dog in the brace run the front and the back for a specified time. I believe this eliminates the short run complaints and the complaints that judges can just run the dogs until the rabbit is lost. Each dog will be judged both positions.

  19. floyd morgan Says:

    People that know me know that normally I don’t say much but this time I will say a little: Its getting harder to find judges for the trials and when the clubs have two trials most of the time they have to get local judges. Mainly because the entry will be low they can’t afford to get out of town judges. So you go to a trial this week end and find out your going to look at the same ones next week. So I would like to get back to one license trial per club a year. I know the handler won’t like it because we are not getting any younger. I would like to see the field trial committee judge the way the judges performed on the job and send in their report with the results. This might weed out some of the bad judging. We got to do something. I am done now . Floyd Morgan

  20. larrywlee Says:

    Thanks or your comment Floyd. I suppose judging the same dogs time after time can represent a problem. One very competent licensed trial judge here in Michigan (he is deceased now) once told me that he didn’t like to judge the same dogs over and over for the main reason that once he knew a a dog had a certain fault he would run the dog until the fault showed up so he could eliminate it from the competition. The correct procedure would be to put past performances completely out of your mind and just judge the dog on how it performs that day.

    Your idea of having the field trial committee observe the judges in action and report on how good a job they performed has merit. If I am not mistakened that is the way sports officials here in Michigan are rated. The better the report on how they performed warrants them better and better assignments. That is how they progress from officiating at high school events to college events.

  21. floyd morgan Says:

    Larry, I know that the judges should put it out of their minds what a dog has done before. The question is, But do they? You had a poll on you web site site asking beaglers to respond about clubs holding two licensed trials a year. Most of them didn’t like the idea. Is that as for as the question is going? With the high prices of gas, motels, and entry fees we are having to run a dog in 20-30 trials to make it a field champion. Does that mean that we are we getting a better dog to carry our breed? Or are we getting the best dog that day in a class of 6-10 dogs? I am done now because my one finger is sore- ha ha.

  22. larrywlee Says:

    Thanks again for your comment Floyd. I have been told my a reliable source that if you feel that you have support for your idea of returning to only one licensed trial per club per year you can contact your BAC representative and ask him to have the question considered at the 2008 BAC meeting. If the BAC representative makes the proposal at the 2008 meeting and it passes by a simple majority than it will be placed on the agenda for the BAC 2009 meeting. If three quarters of the members agree with the proposal then the rule will be changed. I also enjoy running my hounds in larger classes. It doesn’t mean that the hound is any better but it gives me a greater sense of accomplishment. If anyone else has any ideas concerning this subject please respond.

  23. Tom Payne Says:

    Keeping rabbits

    We have 20 acres fenced in and have difficulty keeping rabbits. I am interested in what other cllubs do to keep rabbits so that when we have a field trial we can advertise “plenty of rabbits”.

  24. Doug Lesight Says:

    In reference to keeping rabbits:

    Farming, Feeding and predator control.

    A portion of your grounds should be plowed and planted every year.
    Rabbits need to be fed pellets or equal to remain healthy
    You must have a good trapper. A family of mink can wipe out your rabbits in no time! Owl lights have been proven to be effective as well. Your rabbits should also have good cover to hide in.

  25. floyd morgan Says:

    larry i talk to 2-different people that went to the southern and went to the seminar here where the catch is ,i know you have to go to it to judge lic trails and i think its a good idea i ask one what about peoples that have not went to no seminar and went to the seminar will they be larry able to judge a lic trail one said yes the other said no will someone write it up what the akc said and i will make a copy put it up at the club house . larry your doing a great job and thanks for doing it . floyd

  26. Tom Payne Says:

    Thanks Doug,
    Cover is the current debate. Half the club says that mowing strips is important to keeping rabbits to allow the rabbits to nibble on new growth. The other half says that only 1 or 2 strips should be mowed to keep plenty of cover. Should you mow strips or let it grow?

  27. Doug Lesight Says:


    Hopefully you have a blend of cover strips and feed strips. It is very important to keep the feed strips mowed as long as these strips are getting enough rain. You may want to refrain from mowing during dry seasons. It is important to have cover on both sides of the feed strips so that rabbits can jump in if theatened.

    Note: Did you ever notice how rabbits feed on a recently mowed lawn?
    Especially if the lawn has luscious grasses & clover. Fescue is not a feed strip grass.

  28. Tom Payne Says:

    That may be one of our problems, our feed strip is full of fescue. WWe are also having a probllem getting new members. How do other club get new members and keep members active?


  29. Doug Lesight Says:


    All Brace clubs have difficulty finding and keeping new members. The only suggestion that I have is to have all your members bring anyone that is interested in dogs to a trial and try to explain our sport. If a new member joins you MUST make sure that he or she gets a a dog that will place. The new member will surely loose interest if they end up with culls that other members don’t want.

    Nows the time to replant some of those feed strips!

  30. gray1751 Says:

    This is not a replay to any of the about. This is an idea about using our finished hounds. How about an ABBA Grand Champion? You would run your champions in the Champion only trials at the Seven Federations. You would need 2 wins and obtain 60 points, these points would be obtain the same as licensed trial points. Any club could have a champion only trial at their club any time of the year. The points would accure from trial to trial until you get you points and wins.
    Let me know what you think or if you have an idea of your own.
    Thanks for your comments
    Ron Gray

  31. Bill Pope Sr Says:

    This would be a good thing to do.I just don’t think that the breeders would run most of the dogs that they have at stud. You and I both know that once you start to breed the stud dogs some of the times they don’t run as good as when they finished. Well if they were running at one of these type trial and done something stupid, and there were alot of people around and saw them do it. Well they would say I don;t won’t to breed to that dog because he done this or that. It really would hurt the the stud dog and his for his breeding after the trial. Ron, I would love to see these types trials but would you get the best of the best?


  32. bill pope sr Says:

    I know that this isn’t going to be agreeded up but I have to ask it any way. You know thta the national quilf. trials give out the dog food cert. to get a free bag of dog food when you buy one.I think that oce your dog is quilf. for the national then you should let others run their dof to see if they can quilf. No I see the same dogs over and over running in these trial to get the free bag of dog food. Once I quilf. my dogs for antthing I qute running them so others can have a chance to quilf. their dogs. I think that the Natonial should stop the dog from running once the are quilf. It will give more people a chance to get their dogs quilf. and winn a bag of dog food. Why must people be so greedy. To me it is just not right but to others it is. That is my say inthis matter. How do other feel.

  33. bill pope sr Says:

    I;m sorry for the above statement. I just didn’t know that there was a contest to see who had the best kennel. Now by the same token whould this not prove who did have the best kennel.


  34. bill pope sr Says:

    Today and time we as beaglers are haveing a hard time trying to run our dogs at trials. The gas is so high and the entry fees are also high. There are some of us that live on a fixed income and find it hard to do this.Now when we do get to the trials and some of the best judges around will not let you get off on your brace or when the two dogs spit on a check and one of the judges says well we can watch them both. I though that if a spit happens we as judges are supposed to pick them up and place them on an other line. Well one judge sure does not do this nor does he get the brace off on a line to start the brace.There are more and more beaglers not going to the trials that he is judgeing at. This is costing the clubs and is hurting beagling all together. We as judges should stop and look at ourselves and see if we do people as we would want to be treated.We should judge by the rule book. Not as if we are a god or something.I have the most respect for this person as a man but not as a judge any more. I’m not the only ones that feel this way toward him. I guess the best way to handle this type judge is just stay away as I ‘m going to do.I can’t afford to just throw my money way on gas and entry fees for nothing.I, along with the others just want to be treated fairly. If you are going to judge a trial then judge by the rule book and not from your throne.

  35. bill pope sr Says:

    I see people that is watching a pair of hounds that is running a trial and not the judges to start talking about people dogs that is running.They maybe saying ” just see that dog is dog tracking “or” maybe look at the front dog just rolling around”. I thought that we that is why we had the judges for. I know years ago that only the handlers and one guest could follow the brace. We had to respect the judges words on the trial.Now that evrybody who wants to follow a brace can. You see people wanting to put doubt in the judges’s mind.This is done by talking out loud about the dogs that is running in a brace.I know that the judges can stop this from being done, but they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling.Well what about the oner of the dog that is being talk aloud about. How does he feel?Well it has gotten out of hand and there needs to be a stop put to it.We have had people to get mad about this very thing and leave the trial after telling the judges that was their job, to stop all the input by out siders.Just how would you feel if this had been done to you and your dogs. It is up to the judges or AKC to stop this type happenings. This could also be handle but the beagle club the opening of the trial about not allowing this to happen.I love to follow the braces and would hate to be stoped from doing so.If this is needed to stop all the hurt feeling or some fusses that has happen ,then maybe we should not be allowed to follow the braces.I’m not saying that everyone following the brace do this type of thing. There are alot of this going on now and days. It really should be stoped from happening. That is why we have judges for the trials.

  36. bill pope sr Says:

    I saw the above put into action. Catawba Beagle Club,had a talk befor their licensed trial in ref to the above statement. The president of the club made an anouncement concerning the unsportsman like conduct about talking out loud about the pair of dogs that was running in a brace. He stated that if you followed a brace to not be talking out loud about what was going on in the brace that you were following. This would save some hard feeling and that the judges would not have to take action in ref to this. Thank you Catawba Beagle Club for setting the pace for other clubs to follow. I think all clubs should also do just like Catawba and handle it on a club base and not have to have the judges to take action on this.
    Thank You Catawba

  37. john campbell Says:

    Just getting back into brace beagling after 15 or so years. Have to say the dogs are much better now. No barking 20 30 times in 1 spot then taking a step back. Dogs nice and straight moving forward clean mouth.

  38. john campbell Says:

    Hope to see you all at Tri-County for the derby classic this Saturday.

  39. William Pope Says:

    It is the judging that we have. When a dog can’t run a combine total of 15 feet in two runs in the first series. They bring him back in the 2nd and then he wins the class. There is something rotten in this sport.I was at a trial just the other day. I watched the braces and was socked at the ones that was called backe in the 2nd series. The high hound was where he was supposed to be. Then the rest of the dogs were given places. They sure didn’t earn them. Some were beaten because they sure won’t pull up or they would hang up and bark while the bracemate ran the line and done a good job doing it in one brace and he wasn’t even called back. The brace mate was called back to run with the bye hound and done the same thing then.He should have been removerd from consideration.No not from these well know beaglers that was judgeing.They only took the dogs that didn’t do anything and brought them back and one won the trial. It is a disgrace to see this go on and on. No wonder that this sport is going down hill so fast and that the people are leaving this sport.It just cost too much to go to a trial and enter your dog and to be done such as this.. It is bad for the sport of ours, for this to keep going on.If this is the case just go ahead and give the winner his blue ribbon and don’t run the dogs.Place the others like you want them, not because they earned it.I was hoping that brace beagling was going to get better but it is slipping the other way once again.You have some good judges out there and then you got some that wants a do nothing, hanging up dog .


  40. john campbell Says:

    It seems to me that if you are not happy with some of the judges you should just not run under them. That is what i do. If enough people do this the clubs should get the message and not hire them back. In answer to not enough judges years ago it was practice to have a young or newer judge be used with a senior judge. By new i mean someone who has judged sancioned trials for years and ran a good dog at the licenced trials and a senior who has judged many trials of all kinds.

  41. william pope Says:

    Well John ,I have to say you are right about not going to the clubs that are getting this type judges. I hate to stay at home and not support the clubs but there has got to be done about this type. It is like I said there are some real good judges out there andI may not agree with their call but at least, I know I was given a fair shake in the run.I’ll just go on to the next trial that they may judge. The clubs are going to have to do something about hireing the judges. The ones that they can get is the same ones over and over. It is like I have said from the start as long as the judges are fair and honest I’ll run under them any place or any time.If a dog is slow but keeps on coming on the line and not hangs up then he is trying . To get a dog that keeps hanging up and just barking in a couple of spots and doesn’t try to move on up on the line. This type dog should never be in the 2nd with a chance to win a trial.I love a slow dog but I want him to be able to run his own line. He has got to make progress. Not hang up and stay in one place and bark for a long period of time, and let his brace mate walk off and leave him out of the run.We as judges and club members should be asking ourselves is this the type that should be winning the trials.Would be breed to them? Well I home that 2009 will really be the year of the change in our sport.

  42. john campbell Says:

    Mr. Pope. You keep saying the clubs are going to have to do something about the judging. The only way the clubs are going to do anything is if the entries are down and the club officers know exactly why. Be polite and tell the club officials the reason you didn”t have an entry. Maybe more people were happy with those judges. Keep in mind the only ones that see all the hounds run are the 2 judges. I have to say that I personally think most judges are doing a good job. Just getting back in the sport I hope I can say the same thing next year at this time. Good luck in the new year.

  43. john campbell Says:

    To the editor I would like to know just who is on the committee making the new rules for the tradional brace trials. I don’t recall any mention of this committee at my home club meetings. Is this change to be voted on by the various beagle clubs or what.

  44. Dale Bado Says:

    You must be referring to the UKC Registry posted on, right? As I understand it, there are some brace beaglers concerned that the AKC is trying to ruin traditional brace beagling and have gone to the UKC to set up another registry option and rule book for brace beaglers.

    Who the comittee members are is unknown to me as well. However, the real question is do we need another registry? Will two registries further split brace beagling? Is the AKC trying to eliminate traditional brace beagling? I doubt it!

  45. john campbell Says:

    Dale, Thank you for your reply. I know some people seem to think that the AKC is pushing for more dog but that is nothing new. As long as I can remember there has been the debate over dogs getting more done. The rule book that we have now lends itself to this debate. None of the rules are cut in stone. It is how the particular judges that day interput these rules. How fast a dog moves a rabbit, how accurate a dog is on the trail is determined by the judges of the day. Most of the judges are on the same page and the number of complaints seem small when you look at the number of trials going on. The idea of changing registries and writing a new rule book is a very serious decision. I assume nothing will be done until all clubs and club members have ample time to discuss this very important decission.

  46. Pete Proctor Says:

    At this time I don’t think Brace Beagling needs a new registry or anyone other than AKC to govern trials. There is no “real” evidence that AKC is trying to destroy Brace Beagling. I certainly don’t think they are! I don’t know many clubs that would even consider changing at this time. If we fix it, let’s make sure that it is broken first!

  47. TOOT ALONG Says:

    We have dicussed this matter somewhat last fall between some members of our club as well as members of other clubs. As usual, some are for and some against (switching registries). I usually try to listen to as much feedback as possible to obtain a better knowledge of the particular situation. I’ve heard both pros and cons on this subject. As of today, I am agreeing with Mr. Proctor. (If it ain’t broke). From the little that I’ve taken in on this, I think we would be doing ourselves (bracebeaglers) a disservice by jumping ship at this particular time. Maybe down the road, ample time as Mr. Campbell stated, it might be an option. As it would be a no turning back kind of deal!!

  48. bill pope sr Says:

    I wish to thank Iodine State for their Derby Rodeo.From everything that I have heard that come from the Rodeo was very good. Everyone had a grand ole time and plenty of fellowship.I sure hate that I missed it this year. I hope that they will carry this on for years. I know that Pete Ptroctor has something every year with 4 or 5 trials in one day. This is a good way to really enjoy yourself. watching all the up and coming dogs run. You get to see into the future sorta. Keep up the good work on having these type trials. These clubs are trying their best to bring Brace Beagling back to us. Now it is up to us to make the best of it. Thank each club for what you are trying to do.Good luck and keep it going.


  49. Tom Payne Says:

    Does anybody have any suggestions for someone new to the sport. I have 2 derby bitches which need work. What is the best way to train them to be competitive in this years trials

  50. Dale Bado Says:

    Where do you live? Maybe you could hook up with some beaglers near you!

  51. Tom Payne Says:

    I have met many beaglers with many different opinions on what is the best way to train. I am trying to sort out this information. I have been unable to find anything writtein on the subject.


  52. Dale Bado Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what is the sire and dam of your two derby bitches?

    Also, I would suggest that you attach yourself to the ideas of those whom you think are successfull at trainning dogs. I doubt if you will find a book on how to train for success. If so, it would be written by George Nixon, Mike Mock, Wayne Parker or Billy & Gary Bushmire, to name a few. However, i don’t believe that any of the above have written a book on trainning beagles for trials, but have had and continue to have tremendous success!!

    One of their secrets is that they have worn out a lot of shoes following dogs. The other secret is that they know what they are seeing when they see it.

  53. Tom Payne Says:

    The sire is FC Cliff’s Rivermont Luke and the Dam is Sandy Pine Sadie.
    Thanks for the advise.

  54. john campbell Says:

    A question for Ralph Gillum. Your thoughts on dog tracking.

  55. john campbell Says:

    Hello. I was just wondering. Is anybody out there. No cabin fever?

  56. Tom Payne Says:

    How has the summer been for everyone. Ohio enjoyed cooler than usual weather. Cool weather and a lot of rabbits made it a great summer.

  57. floyd morgan Says:

    i dont think akc want us to find another registry when you run a dog in lic-trail they get $3.50 a dog i think the akc are to do a little shake up and down size there people just like every body has to so they do sit in there fat chair if they need money we have to pay it the we have to raise entry fee you got people want to talk about something talk abot that i will get on the band wagon with you but we dont need to jump ship it not sinking yet but if they dont stop going up on there fee the ship will sink, it lean a little now . floyd morgan

  58. John Campbell Says:

    I need sombody to raise a litter of pups for me. Litter due 2/5/10.

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